Overdraft Protection

Overdraft Protection and Courtesy Pay Privilege are designed to prevent checking account transactions from being rejected because there is not enough money in the account to cover the transaction. This is also known as non-sufficient funds (NSF). We determine whether you have enough money in your account based on the available balance. The available balance is the ledger balance, minus any holds on deposited funds (see Funds Availability Policy in the Depository Agreement located in Online Banking) and holds placed on debit card transactions, plus the Courtesy Pay Privilege limit or, if you opted in, the Courtesy Pay Privilege Plus limit. Holds placed on your account pursuant to our Funds Availability Policy will reduce your available balance.

Overdraft Protection allows funds to be transferred from a designated credit union savings or checking account to pay a transaction that might be rejected because you do not have enough money in your account. If there is not enough money in your account based on the available balance, the payment will be rejected and resulting in fees from the credit union and the merchant that does not receive the payment – unless Courtesy Pay Privilege is applied.

Overdraft Protection

If the savings or checking account does not have enough funds to cover the payment, based on the available balance, funds will be transferred from the designated account to cover the overdraft. Sun East provides 2 free overdraft transfers per month. Sun East charges $10 per transaction for 3 or more overdraft transfers per month. The overdraft transfer fee applies if there is insufficient money in your account based on the available balance described above. See the Depository Agreement for additional details.

Overdraft Protection only works if you have enough money to cover the transaction in your account.

Sun East offers this service free for up to 2 transactions per calendar month. The fee for 3 or more transactions will be $10 per transaction during the same statement period.

Member would set up Overdraft Protection by designating which accounts to draw from.

  • Members who use an additional checking account as the overdraft account should be aware that the account can be withdrawn from continuously. This could create a potential problem such as excessive transfer fees.

What if I want to Update my Sun East’s Overdraft Protection Account Designation?

At any time, you may choose not to participate in Sun East’s Overdraft Protection program. You can also change your designated funding account whenever you wish. To do either, please contact our Call Center at 610-485-2960 or visit your local branch.

More information on Overdraft Protection can be found in our Depository Agreement – Available in Online Banking and on the Mobile App.