Pay Your Loans Online

Loan Pay is a fast, convenient, FREE payment tool in Online Banking. Loan Pay allows users to pay a Sun East loan from an internal Sun East account or any external checking, savings, or money market account at any institution.

Once you log in to Online Banking, you’ll see the My Loan Payment Guide with a Pay Now feature next to each loan; simply select that Pay Now feature and follow the step-by-step instructions. It takes about 5 minutes and once you complete the initial setup, you never have to set that payment account up again; you can even set up recurring payments with the Repeat feature.

So don’t worry about dropping your payment in the mail or getting to a branch before your payment is due; simply use this online banking tool and ensure your payment arrives on time and FREE of charge every month!  Enroll in Online Banking now.

Sun East now offers Skip-A-Pay through Online Banking! This feature will appear in your Online Banking dashboard and Mobile App if:

  • Your Auto or Personal loan has been open for at least six months and it is in good standing
  • You have $35 in your Checking or Saving’s account for a processing fee
  • You have not made use of Skip-A-Pay in the month prior
  • You have not made use of two skips in the past 12-month period
  • You have not made more than six skips during the life of your loan