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Loan Rates

Home Equity Term Loansas low as: 3.99% APR*
New Car Loansas low as: 2.44% APR*
Credit Cardas low as: 9.9% APR*

Vehicle Loan Rates

Model YearLoan TermAPR Cost Per Thousand Borrowed
2013 or NewerUp to 63 Months Min. Loan $5,0002.69%$17.04 (Based on 63-month term)
2013 or NewerUp to 75 Months Min. Loan $5,0002.69%$14.51 (Based on 75-month term)
2013 or NewerUp to 84 Months Min. Loan $25,0002.69%$13.08 (Based on 84-month term)
2013 or OlderUp to 63 Months4.00%$17.63 (Based on 63-month term)

Motorcycle Loan Rates

Model YearLoan TermAPR as low as Annual Percentage RateCost Per Thousand Borrowed
2011-2017Up to 48 Months9.49%$25.05 (Based on 48-month term)
2011-2017Up to 60 Months9.74%$20.99 (Based on 60-month term)

Personal Loan Rates

Loan TermAPR as low as APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Loan rates are determined by member's creditworthiness as well as other factors including term of the loan, line requested and loanto- value ratio. Top tier rates listed are available to highly credit-qualified individuals. Cost Per Thousand Borrowed Cost-per-thousand borrowed does not include amounts for taxes, titles, insurance premiums or other additional costs, if applicable.
Up to 36 months9.54%$31.99 (Based on 36-month term)
Up to 60 Months9.74%$20.99 (Based on 60-month term)

Shared Secured Loan Rates

Loan TypeLoan TermAPR as low asCost Per Thousand Borrowed
Certificate SecuredVariable3.00% Over Certificate Rate (minimum of 5.00%)Variable based on term.
Share SecuredUP to 60 Months4.75%$18.79 (based on 60-month term)

Home Equity Term Loan Rates

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Home Equity (Fixed Rate)Loan AmountAPR as low as Annual Percentage RateCost Per Thousand
5 year$74,999.99 or less3.99%$18.30
5 Year$75,000.00 or more3.99%$18.30
10 Year$74,999.99 or Less3.99%$10.01
10 Year$75,000.00 or more3.99%$9.89
15 Year$74,999.99 or less4.34%$7.44
15 Year$75,000.00 or more4.04%$7.30
20 Year$74,999.99 or less4.65%$6.33
20 Year$75,000.00 or more4.65%$6.33

Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC) Rates

TermsAPRCost Per Thousand
10 year draw, Up to 20 year repaymentAs low As 4.00% (Prime minus 1% with a minimum APR [or floor] of 4.00%)Variable