Business Checking

Sun East offers three business checking accounts: Basic, Deluxe, and Premium Business Checking.

Basic Business Checking: Perfectly sized for your small business. Our versatile and low‐cost basic
business checking account will save you money while giving you control, convenience, and access to a
wide array of value‐added solutions needed to run your business. This account is suitable for businesses
with limited to moderate checking activity.

Deluxe Business Checking: Value, convenience, and simplicity in a single package. The perfect fit for mid-sized
businesses, our deluxe business checking account comes with a variety of value‐added products and
services, designed to save you time and money. This account is designed for businesses with moderate to
high checking activity.

Premium (Interest‐Bearing) Business Checking: Put your money to work for you! Keep things simple
while earning interest on your account balance with our interest‐bearing premium business checking
account; the smart, flexible way to make the most of your cash flow. This account is designed for
businesses with high balances but limited checking activity.