Youth Accounts

Save Small. Dream Big!

Save small and dream big… and one day you may have enough to fulfill a financial dream.


Start Saving for the Future Today

Help your child gain an edge in financial literacy while saving for the future with either a Youth Savings Account or a Youth Term Share Certificate.


Easily Open a Youth Savings Account

As both a parent and Sun East member, all you need is your child’s social security number. Stop by any one of our branch locations to get started.

  • $5.00 Minimum Opening Deposit
  • Free Direct Deposit
  • Dividends compounded monthly and credited monthly


Or Go Long-Term with a Youth Certificate

When your child opens a Youth Certificate, they set aside money for a set period and agree not to use it. In exchange, we give them a guaranteed rate of return.

  • 6 Month Youth Certificate
  • 12 Month Youth Certificate
  • Dividends compounded daily and credited monthly


Dream Big Star

Tips for Raising Money-Smart Kids

Show kids the value of saving; start early enough, and they will be seasoned pros by the time they turn 18. They get to watch their money grow as compound interest works its magic and can set short-term and long-term goals for the money they save. The reward of achieving these goals will teach life lessons on patience and planning.

  • Have conversations using real-life examples, like setting aside a portion of allowance and understanding the difference between short-term and long-term savings can help.
  • Try giving your kids a digital allowance. It’s a great way to teach both money management skills and how to use online banking tools.
  • Create a household budget and set financial goals with your teens.

To open a Youth Savings Account please stop by any of our branches.

 Back to School .pdf

Back to School: How to Talk to Kids About Money

When we think of back to school, we think of what our kids will learn to set themselves up for success as adults. Explore valuable tips on how to talk to kids about money. Download our helpful resource and start your family’s conversation today.